Secrets in Original World of Warcraft Install Discs


The original installation discs for World of Warcraft contained a secret that was previously unknown to players. This hidden feature, known as the “Dev Watercooler,” was not included in any official documentation or advertising for the game. It was discovered by players who stumbled upon a message from the game’s developers when extracting the game’s files. The message provided insights into the game’s development process and offered a behind-the-scenes look at the creation of World of Warcraft.

The “Dev Watercooler” was a surprising and delightful Easter egg for players who were curious about the inner workings of the game. It showcased the passion and dedication of the developers who worked tirelessly to bring the virtual world of Azeroth to life. Players appreciated the glimpse into the creative process and the hard work that went into making the game a reality.

The discovery of the “Dev Watercooler” sparked discussions and excitement within the World of Warcraft community. Players shared their findings on forums and social media, and many expressed their appreciation for the unexpected surprise. It added an extra layer of depth and appreciation for the game, reminding players of the human element behind the pixels and code.

Even years after its initial release, the “Dev Watercooler” remains a cherished memory for many World of Warcraft players. It serves as a reminder of the passion and creativity that went into creating the iconic MMORPG and continues to be a source of inspiration for both players and aspiring game developers alike. The hidden message hidden within the installation discs has left a lasting impact and added another layer of depth to the World of Warcraft experience.

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