Scorsese’s Record-Breaking Oscar Nominations: A Historic Moment


Let’s talk about Martin Scorsese, one of the titans of the film-making world. As of 2024, this celebrated director continues to dazzle us, reaffirming his place at the pinnacle of cinema. With a career that spans decades, Scorsese has gifted us with a series of significant works, and his expertise hasn’t gone unnoticed. He’s placed himself in the spotlight once again with yet another Best Director nomination for his latest project, “The Moon Killers.” Remarkably, this marks his 10th nomination, allowing him to edge past Steven Spielberg, with whom he was previously tied at nine.

When we think about the most nominated directors in Oscar history, William Wyler stands tall with 12 nods, remembered for monumental films such as the classic “Ben-Hur.” As we celebrate Scorsese’s latest achievement, it’s crucial to reflect on the fact that he is now stepping closer to Wyler’s impressive record.

Scorsese shed some light on what this particular nomination means to him during a charming conversation on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” He expressed his elation and a profound connection to “The Moon Killers,” a film several years in the making. Despite ten nominations over the years, Scorsese humbly stated that he doesn’t quite understand how it all happened, as he’s never been one to chase after awards. For him, the process is about doing justice to the storytelling, creating the best movie possible.

As we delve into Scorsese’s feelings about his 10th Oscar nomination, it’s essential to recognize his enduring collaboration with two powerhouse actors: Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro. They’ve been Scorsese’s go-to leading men, bringing life to his cinematic visions time and again. Scorsese didn’t miss the chance to appreciate his team for “The Moon Killers,” expressing a special thanks to those who received nominations, including Robbie Robertson for his exceptional score and song, Lily Gladstone for her incredible performance, and of course, Robert De Niro.

However, there’s a bittersweet note in his reflections as he acknowledged Leonardo DiCaprio’s absence from the list of Best Actor nominees. Despite this, Scorsese accentuated DiCaprio’s critical contribution to “The Moon Killers,” emphasizing his fundamental role and the weight his performance brings to the film.

Discussing Scorsese’s oeuvre is essentially a journey through modern cinema. With “The Moon Killers” earning him his 10th nomination, one can’t help but reminisce about his other masterpieces that have sculpted his legacy – from the raw intensity of “Raging Bull,” the piercing narrative of “The Last Temptation of Christ,” the mob epic “Goodfellas” (originally titled “One of Ours”), to the historic tapestry of “Gangs of New York,” the high-flying “The Aviator,” the compelling “The Departed,” the enchanting “Hugo,” the unflinching “The Wolf of Wall Street,” and the reflective “The Irishman.”

Aside from his filmography, these nominations tell a story of unyielding passion and an ever-burning desire to push the boundaries of storytelling. As we turn the pages of cinematic history, it is clear that Martin Scorsese’s name is not only recurrent but undeniably synonymous with the artform itself. As he continues to create, we watch, wait, and wonder what narrative he will choose to weave next into the rich tapestry of film.

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