Save Time with Pokémon GO’s New Features!


Niantic continues to think of new ways to improve content and features from Pokémon GO. Every year it surprises us with new features and for 2024 it already has several of them underway.

An update in the graphic quality is being prepared so that the screen can be seen better when capturing any Pokémon and also the scenery through which we move when going from one place to another.

In addition, it is preparing some mechanics with which it aims for players to save time and take less time to carry out certain actions. At the moment, only some users have had access to them, such as one that affects the Pokémon companions that we can feed with Berries so that they accompany us from one place to another.

Currently, users have to click on the companion, which activates augmented reality, and from there give it up to a maximum of three berries to be able to take it out of the Poké Ball. However, an option will be implemented to be able to feed our companion instantly. In this way, we avoid having to go through the process of using our device’s camera for all of this.

On the other hand, there is another series of new developments underway related to combat and that will also be very useful to reduce waiting times. One of them is that those who attend a Raid will be able to indicate that they are ready and reduce the preparation time of two minutes to just ten seconds.

Continuing with the Raids, on the same preparation screen you can see which attacks are most effective against Raid Bosses, which will help players be clearer about which Pokémon they should select before facing any battle.

Finally, another feature that is being worked on will consist of being able to heal or revive all Pokémon instantly. The game will enable an option to automatically use the objects we have so that we do not have to go one by one, although it is essential to have the necessary items in the bag for it to take effect. In any case, there is still no date for the official implementation of all this, so the indicated functions will arrive sooner or later throughout this year.

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