Save on ESLAND tickets with TheGrefg’s special offer


Before putting tickets on sale for ESLAND 2024, TheGrefg warned that the public who came would have to dig deep into their pockets. These prices did not leave anyone indifferent, and these were criticized by the audience, since they ranged from 50 euros for the cheapest seats to 200 euros for the most expensive seats.

Almost a week after going on sale, and with a weekend included, ticket sales have been a total failure. If we remove the exception of the cheapest tickets, which at the time we write the article there are less than 70 units left, The rest of the sectors had had ridiculous purchases. Faced with such a delicate situation and with the aim of getting as many people as possible to come, Grefg drastically reduces the intermediate and most expensive tickets for the event.

“In his last live show, Grefg announced the reduction in ticket prices, with the intermediate ticket costing 60 euros (from the previous 100) and the most expensive tickets costing 70 (from the initial 200). The content creator explained the reason for the reduction: “Andorra is not like Mexico or Barcelona. In Mexico we managed to sell 10,000 tickets in a matter of minutes. The problem, really, is that we are also doing the event on a Friday. If it were Saturday, which is a day that people have time to come up from Spain, the tickets I think they would have been sold. But being Friday and being in such a small country, it makes it difficult for many people to come. That is why I have understood that “We have to make an effort and make it as easy as possible for people.” Grefg commented. Another reason for lowering the price of tickets is to have an event with the best possible atmosphere, and for the streamers who go to Andorra to enjoy and feel the warmth of the fans.”

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