Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra: Impressive Durability Test Results


The Samsung Galaxy S24, the new flagship of the South Korean firm, is now available for all those interested in updating their smartphone. For a few weeks now, users have been able to test the benefits of the device, a mobile phone whose main feature is its use of artificial intelligence. However, he has also stood out for other aspects such as using titanium in the Galaxy S24 Ultra, an option that Apple has already opted for with the iPhone 15 Pro.

In this way, the comparison between both phones is inevitable. In addition to representing the companies’ new range, technology experts are looking for the most bizarre ways to check which of the two devices is better than the other. Thus, Zack Nelson, from the JerryRigEverything channel, wanted to make matters worse and subjected the S24 to its own resistance tests. And, in this way, he has verified how exposure to objects such as a lighter, a cutter or a screwdriver affects the Samsung mobile phone.

One of the most resistant mobile phones on the market

As can be seen in the YouTube video from JerryRigEverything, the S24 stands out for being extremely resistant. As a general rule, during the scratch test, devices start to show scratches when it reaches level 6 or, at most, 7 (out of 10). In the case of the Samsung device, these become visible on the level 8, an aspect that demonstrates the incredible resistance of the South Korean smartphone.

In relation to titanium, as we already told in a previous news item that compares the use of this material in the iPhone 15 and the Galaxy S24, the truth is that a high amount of plastic combined with a cast aluminum skeleton. However, this has not caused the device to lose resistance, quite the opposite: it is even more robust than the S23. In fact, even the screen is more resistant and less reflective. In this way, both in terms of hardware and software, Samsung has made an excellent smartphone.

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