Sam Rockwell Teases MCU Return in ‘Armor Wars’


Let’s delve into the world of Marvel Studios, where whispers and rumors often turn into thrilling cinematic encounters. Today, we’re focusing on the charming and ever-so-talented Sam Rockwell. You might remember him from his recent release ‘Argylle,’ or perhaps you recognize him as the suave but nefarious Justin Hammer from ‘Iron Man 2.’ Well, it turns out he’s open to donning the mantle of mischief once more in the much-anticipated ‘Armor Wars,’ an upcoming film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that will spotlight the high-flying heroics of War Machine.

Now, let’s chat about Justin Hammer and his potential return in ‘Armor Wars.’ In a casual and breezy sit-down on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, Rockwell addressed the swirling rumors of his MCU comeback. While he didn’t stamp any official confirmation on the matter, his playful response has certainly set tongues wagging: “Really? Is there a rumor? Well, I am waiting for the phone call. I’m growing a beard and everything. It’s been a while since ‘Iron Man 2’. I’m in, buddy,” Rockwell shared with a twinkle in his eye.

As fans well know, Justin Hammer’s last appearance in the MCU was at the tail-end of ‘Iron Man 2,’ leaving us hanging with the delicious possibility of his return. Beyond that, he popped up in the animated series ‘What If…?’ which hinted at the endless possibilities within the multiverse. In the original ‘Armor Wars’ comic storyline, Justin Hammer sends Spymaster on a mission to snatch several of Iron Man’s armors away from Tony Stark, distributing them to a rogues’ gallery of villains to wreak havoc. Imagine how that could be reimagined on the big screen, especially now with War Machine taking the spotlight, given the heroic sacrifice of Iron Man in ‘Avengers Endgame.’

Regarding the ‘Armor Wars’ movie, our dear friend Don Cheadle is set to reprise his role as James Rhodes, aka War Machine. Currently, there’s no specific release date for the movie, but it’s clear we won’t be marking our calendars for any time before 2025. This gives us plenty of time to speculate, dream, and maybe grow out a beard in solidarity with Rockwell.

So, will Sam Rockwell’s Justin Hammer be up to his old tricks in ‘Armor Wars’? Will the plot follow the comic beats, or will it surprise us with a new twist? It’s all up in the air, but excitement is certainly building. One thing’s certain: if Rockwell’s portrayal of Hammer in ‘Iron Man 2’ is anything to go by, his return would be a riveting ride. Here’s to hoping that awaited phone call happens, and we all get to see Justin Hammer light up the screen with his particular brand of charisma and chaos. Stay tuned, Marvel fans.

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