Sam Rockwell Convinces Director of Iron Man 2 to Appear as Villain


14 years have passed since the release of Iron Man 2, but fans still remember Justin Hammer, one of the film’s villains who went to prison for his crimes. Interestingly, the character was not initially planned during the early stages of production.

In an interview with GQ, Sam Rockwell, who played Hammer, revealed that he pushed to be included in the film after being left out of the role of Tony Stark. He had conversations with Jon Favreau, the director, and convinced them to give him a villainous role, which ultimately added dynamism to the film.

Despite his small appearances after Iron Man 2, many fans hope for his return in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). Rockwell’s recent participation in the second season of What If…? and the positive reception to his appearance has fueled the possibility of his return. This has also sparked speculation about his appearance in Armor Wars, a film starring Don Cheadle, which could be a good opportunity for the comeback of this charismatic villain.

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