Sam Barlow’s Next Leap: Two New Horror Ventures Post-Immortality


Are you looking for a thrilling and captivating gaming experience? Look no further, as Sam Barlow, the mind behind the celebrated game Immortality, is back at it again with two new enthralling projects under the development umbrella of Half Mermaid. With a knack for leaving an indelible mark on the gaming community, Barlow has his sights set on further innovations within the industry. Interestingly, these upcoming ventures are shrouded in mystery, going by the enigmatic codenames Project C and Project D. Barlow casually slipped this exciting news to fans during an appearance on the Kinda Funny Games show.

Let’s dive into what these two endeavors share: a chilling foundation in the horror genre. Yet, that’s where the similarities end as they diverge significantly in their approach. Project C promises to take us on a science fiction-infused journey in the form of a full-motion video (FMV) game, touted to be nothing short of a “cinematic experience.” Teasers on Steam hint at something groundbreaking that has never been explored in the realm of video games before – but as to what this groundbreaking feature might be is still an enigma.

Project D seems to be reaching for the stars with an even grander vision. It’s targeting the survival horror audience, bringing a third-person perspective into the mix as a core gameplay element. Though most details are top-secret, a blend of cryptic keywords such as “nurse” and “nightmare,” along with the year 1983, stir the imagination. When can we expect these titles to burst into the limelight? The curiosity intensifies, but, as per Barlow’s signature style, the suspense is part of the allure.

Reflect back on Immortality, which was such a nuanced and unique piece that any attempt to analyze it fully felt almost impossible. It left us in awe, scoring a remarkable 9 out of 10 in our review. We hesitated to reveal too much, fearing it would spoil the incredible surprises that lay in wait for players. Any description paled in comparison to the actual excitement of engaging with the game. As we expressed in our review, “Sam Barlow has once again shattered the narrative constraints that often separate various forms of media, delivering one of the best stories of the year.” It’s truly a masterpiece for cinematic enthusiasts and mystery aficionados alike.

The gaming world is eagerly anticipating Barlow’s next move as he continues to redefine what we expect from interactive storytelling. Until more information about Project C and Project D surfaces, the intrigue keeps building – a trademark delight for those familiar with Barlow’s work. Keep your eyes peeled for updates as these projects, without a doubt, aim to make another significant impact on the gaming landscape.

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