Rubius makes epic comeback to YouTube after 11 months


February 12, 2023 was an important day for Rubius fans, as the creator with Norwegian roots stopped uploading videos to his main YouTube channel until almost a year later. On February 8, Rubius returned under his authority and now it will be time to see if he is going to continue publishing content periodically to this channel that has more than 40 million subscribers. It will be like an oasis in the middle of the desert.

Whether testing games or reacting to songs, many creators ride the wave of the latest trends to upload videos reacting to them. Rubius was not going to be less, and has addressed one of the hottest topics of the week from his own perspective and trying it first person. In fact, he talks about the Apple Vision Pro virtual reality glasses that currently cost about $3,500 for the cheapest model.

As expected, the reception to this video was going to be interesting for two reasons. The first, for the creator’s own return to his main channel, with which he has provided such good videos and moments to his followers, and the second, because it is such a hot topic and of which he is a great connoisseur, since, for many years, he has tested a large number of lenses of this type.

His fans have thanked him in style, and the number of visits is a true reflection of this. In just over 24 hours, it has exceeded two million visits on YouTube, in addition to being placed on the top 3 trends on the platform, only surpassed by other popular content.

In 3DGames, “I’m fed up with crying streamers,” Rubius is clear and his great goal for 2024 is to move away from series and events to focus on his career. Additionally, “We would end up being Television 2.0,” Rubius moves on from the big Ibai-style events and prefers to continue maintaining the essence of Twitch.

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