Romantic Valentine’s Day Ideas for Couples


When discussing board games, we tend to overlook those moments when we want to enjoy some time as a couple, and games like classic Catan do not allow us to get the most out of it. Therefore, below we have made a selection of five board games for two players with which you can enjoy this Valentine’s Day with your partner.

7 Wonders: Duel is a version designed specifically for 2-player games. As in the classic game, you must try to build your civilization and take it to the top as time goes by. In addition to managing your own resources, you must try to take over enemy territory as the game progresses, to become the civilization that marks its mark on history. Its price at PcComponentes is 22.50 euros.

The Secret Code is a really popular game for those who like competitive team board games. However, the original game is designed so that there are as many players as possible. In this version, we can play only with our partner cooperatively, trying to discover the secret keys and inform the spies that we have spread throughout the world to win. Its price is 20.37 euros on Amazon.

In case you are looking for a game in which to play quick games, Hanamikoji offers a duration that usually does not exceed 15 minutes. It is a really simple game, and it has a strong strategic component, where you must earn 4 Geishas or 11 charm points. Each of you must perform actions on your turn using item cards, to try to achieve the designated objective. Its price is 23.81 euros on Amazon.

Twilight Struggle: Cold War is a perfect choice for those looking for something much deeper. In it, each player will control a side between the United States and the Soviet Union. Through the use of different cards, the objective will be none other than to gain influence in different regions of the planet, with a bidirectional scoreboard. It is a game with a high strategic component, and is designed for those who want to spend a long session playing. Its price on Amazon is 54.94 euros.

Lastly, we bring you an option that is somewhat more intermediate between the last two games, Fungi. Collecting mushrooms to cook or sell them is the main goal of this game, which also has a strong strategic component. Depending on the action we perform, we will gain or lose points, and the player with the most points will be the winner. The game is in English, but the only text we find is in the names of each mushroom, so it will not be a barrier. Its price is 20.95 euros on Amazon.

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