Rogue’s Power Theft: How She Managed to Fly


The heroine we met through the FOX movies has the same powers as in the comics, however her pasts are very different.

Mutants are one of the great pillars of Marvel’s media empire, and most of the big stories revolve around the X-Men. Wolverine He is the one who carries the most weight on his back. However, there are characters who have unlimited potential and have barely shown an iota of it in movie theaters. How is it possible that Sassy Girl flies in comics and video games and not in movies? Well, more than a question of powers and genetics, it’s something to do with FOX licensing.

Called Rogue in the United States and Titania in Latin America, the history and Pícara’s background is enormous. And what has not been shown in theaters is outrageous, like the fact that she originally belonged to the Brotherhood of Diabolical Mutants and was a villain in the service of Mystique. The interesting thing here is that, technically, Pícara changed sides and joined the X-Men as a side effect shortly after starting to fly. Something that hasn’t happened in the movies yet. But let’s go in parts.

The Curse of Pícara and how she joined the forces of evil
All mutants have at least one unique ability or ability, and Rogue’s consists of absorbing. They can be memories, powers of other mutants, and strength, leaving their target exhausted; but also collateral elements such as personality traits or physical talents to general traits.

Unlike other mutant powers, Rogue’s ability is originally always active. It’s not like Storm’s power over the weather, Magneto’s ability to control Metal, or the ability to teleport. On the other hand, by absorbing the powers and strength, the target – sometimes involuntarily or collaterally – not only loses them, but also becomes unconscious. And what’s more interesting: the time that Rogue holds them is more or less the same as it takes her target to get them back. Although, as we will see, there are exceptions to all of the above.

The process, and prerequisite, is really simple: there has to be physical contact between Pícara and her target. Even if he is involuntary. Which, on the other hand, was a huge inconvenience for the young Anna Marie (her real name) during her adolescence: the mutant gene was activated almost unexpectedly and in her case it did so while kissing her boyfriend, leaving him in a state of eat. Among other things, because absorbing it doesn’t only work with mutants.

After a series of complications, Anna Marie ran away from home and was taken in by Mystique, another mutant who used her powers and those of the mutants under her service to commit crimes and attacks in the name of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. Which meant that, over time, they came to face the X-Men and Earth’s most powerful heroes: The Avengers. And this was where things got complicated.

The day Mystique’s protégé faced the original Miss Marvel
Before holding the rank of Captain Marvel in the comics, Carol Danvers served as the Miss Marvel original. His superpowers, which included everything from a seventh sense to an enormous amount of strength, speed, stamina and even the ability to fly, were inherited from the Captain Sea-Vell, of the Kree race, after combining both DNAs as a result of an accident.

As Miss Marvel, Danvers soon stood out among the heroes and became an emerging figure in Marvel comics, which guaranteed her friendships with some of the greatest defenders of justice such as the Avengers; but also enmities with evildoers like the mutant Mystique. So, after a calculated attack, the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants used a new resource against the heroine that would completely nullify her: Rogue’s absorption ability.

The plan was relatively simple: nullify Miss Marvel with the absorption of Pícara. So by fighting between the two, in the Avengers Annual November 1981, not only did he weaken her after a huge struggle, and putting up great resistance, but he inherited her strength, her speed, her endurance and her ability to fly. And she didn’t have access to Danvers’ seventh sense because she didn’t understand it very much.

Like virtually any mutant who hasn’t had much time to push her abilities beyond their limits, Rogue barely had control over her absorption capacity and couldn’t regulate how it worked very well. Unfortunately, she began to discover a side effect: when using them, echoes of the people she had absorbed began to manifest in her mind. Including the echo of Miss Marvel.

How Rogue ended up with the X-Men jacket
Disabling Miss Marvel through Rogue was not easy. And having her take over her powers would make her a huge asset for as long as they lasted. However, they found a surprise: the effects of this very particular absorption did not expire. Something similar was shown during the X-Men television series of the 90s. And every time there were the same consequences. The good and bad.

In other words: Pícara retained Miss Marvel’s strength, speed, endurance, and ability to fly indefinitely. It was said at the time that the reason was the strange mixture of DNAs, since Danvers was human and a Kree with special modifications. And that, more than a gift, ended up being a huge problem.

Despite the new permanent abilities, Rogue also absorbed too much of Carol Danvers’ personality and psyche. Her mind was constantly being invaded and increasingly subdued by that of the masked heroine. So, in a desperate act, she stood at the door of the only person who could help her: Professor Charles Xavier, founder of the X-Men. Him joining, almost immediately, the team.

Why was none of this possible until now in the movies? The Rogue from the FOX film saga had the ability to absorb, but in no life form did she contain the abilities of Miss Marvel, the current Captain Marvel. Something that can change now that both are part of the Disney giant and, most interestingly, that Deadpool is about to combine both universes.

Let’s hope that, as in the case of Pícara, from Deadpool 3 Let’s keep the best of both worlds without dragging unnecessary memories. Those of the less inspired FOX X-Men and some other things that we have been seeing in the last phase of the MCU. Hopefully, we’ll even see how Rogue will fly. Among other factors, because all the elements for it to occur They are about to align.

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