Rockstar’s Boss Compares GTA 6 and GTA 5: Expectations Higher


Grand Theft Auto VI fans are eagerly awaiting news about the game, and it seems that Rockstar Games is aware of the high level of anticipation. The trailer they released over two months ago has broken records in views, indicating the strong interest from the community. As the months go by, more details about the game will be revealed. Take-Two recently spoke about the next open world of the GTA franchise, emphasizing the company’s pursuit of perfection.

During a conference about the company’s financial results, Take-Two CEO, Strauss Zelnick, discussed GTA 6 and emphasized the company’s commitment to perfection. According to Zelnick, everyone involved in the production of GTA 6, including developers and executives at Rockstar Games, has a financial incentive to ensure that the development process is efficient.

In comparing GTA 5 with GTA 6, Zelnick acknowledged the massive success of GTA 5, with 195 million units sold to date. However, he also mentioned that the expectation for GTA 6 is even higher, indicating that the anticipation for the upcoming game is immense.

Overall, it is evident that the GTA 6 community is eagerly awaiting any news or updates about the game. The level of anticipation is high, and fans are eager to see what Rockstar Games has in store for the next installment of the franchise.

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