Robert Downey Jr. on Being Denied Batman by Nolan


Once upon a time in Hollywood, an actor renowned for his magnetic presence and sharp wit, Robert Downey Jr., set his sights on the gritty cityscapes of Gotham. It’s no secret that Downey Jr. has made an indelible mark in the Marvel Universe as the iconic Iron Man, but there was a time when he was keen to jump ship and join the ranks of DC, intrigued by Christopher Nolan’s unique vision for Batman.

Picture this: It was the era when Christian Bale donned the cape and cowl for Nolan’s game-changing Batman trilogy, inspiring legions of fans with its dark realism. Downey Jr., ever the versatile performer, saw an opportunity to bring his own spin to one of Batman’s notorious nemeses – The Scarecrow. His interest was piqued, his motivation high, and yet, Nolan wasn’t quite on the same page.

Downey Jr. revealed this fascinating tidbit of his career at a recent film event. He reminisced about sitting down for tea with Nolan, and while the meeting was cordial, he quickly sensed that Nolan’s attention was elsewhere. Downey Jr. recalled, “He was very polite and all, but you can tell when something is going nowhere.” It turned out that Nolan already had another actor in mind for the role of The Scarecrow – none other than Cillian Murphy.

Murphy had originally auditioned for the role of Batman himself but eventually captivated Nolan with his haunting portrayal of Scarecrow in “Batman Begins.” Despite losing out on this dark and twisted role, the tides of fate turned in favor of Downey Jr. in another universe. He became Tony Stark, also known as Iron Man, in the Marvel saga, solidifying his status as a superhero cinema legend.

Fast forward to today, the paths of Downey Jr., Murphy, and Nolan have fascinatingly converged once again – this time in Nolan’s latest epic, “Oppenheimer.” Both Downey Jr. and Murphy find themselves potential Oscar contenders for their performances, a testament to their undoubted talents. It’s an exciting reunion of sorts, a celebration of what could have been and what eventually came to be for these three remarkable artists in cinema.

It’s a curious thought, imagining what Downey Jr. might have brought to the DC universe as The Scarecrow. Alas, that performance remains a ‘what if’ in the annals of superhero lore. Instead, Downey Jr’s legacy is forever intertwined with the repulsor blasts and witty quips of Iron Man, while Murphy’s Scarecrow continues to haunt the dreams of Gotham’s citizens. And Nolan, well, he remains the architect of some of the most compelling and thought-provoking narratives in modern-day cinema.

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