Robert Downey Jr. Almost Joined Christopher Nolan’s Batman Trilogy


Actor Robert Downey Jr. was almost a part of Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy. Downey revealed this information during an interview with actor and filmmaker Jamie Foxx on The Jamie Foxx Show. The two discussed various topics, including Downey’s career and the roles he has taken on.

During the conversation, Downey mentioned that he was very close to being cast in Nolan’s Batman films. He did not specify which character he was considered for, but the revelation has piqued the interest of fans and sparked speculation.

Downey’s revelation adds an intriguing “what if” scenario to the Batman franchise. Fans are left wondering how the films would have turned out with Downey in a role and how it would have affected his career trajectory.

Unfortunately, there are no further details about which character Downey was in talks to play, but the mere mention of his potential involvement in the iconic trilogy has left fans intrigued.

As of now, it remains a tantalizing piece of trivia for fans of both Robert Downey Jr. and Christopher Nolan’s Batman films.

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