Riot Games Confirms Massive Layoffs & Riot Forge Shutdown


Riot Games, the powerhouse behind the massively popular “League of Legends” and a heavyweight in the gaming industry, has made a significant move affecting its workforce. A recent announcement revealed layoffs impacting 530 of the company’s staff members, accounting for 11% of what the company affectionately calls its ‘Rioters’. Alongside this, Riot Forge, their in-house publishing label known for releasing a diverse array of games, is shutting its doors.

In a heartfelt official statement, Riot Games expressed the gravity of the decision, highlighting that the layoffs span globally and will predominantly touch teams not directly involved in core game development. Acknowledging the emotional investment players have in not just the games, but also in the creators behind them, Riot Games stressed that the choices made were nuanced and delicate. The organization pointed out these decisions were driven by necessity, not by a desire to please shareholders or hit a quarterly target. Over recent years, Riot Games has seen its employee numbers double and has consistently been launching new projects. The company now aims to hone its focus on initiatives that promise more significant impact, scaling back investments in areas that haven’t met expectations.

Riot Games Bids Farewell to Riot Forge

The dissolution of Riot Forge comes as an unexpected turn for many fans, given that it has been a breeding ground for games expanding the “League of Legends” universe. With releases like Ruined King, Song of Nunu, Convergence, The Mageseeker, Hextech Mayhem, and Bandle Tale: A League of Legends Story, Riot Forge has offered a range of high-quality gaming experiences. Despite their notable quality, these titles haven’t quite achieved the level of success anticipated by the parent company.

Riot Forge was responsible for six diverse genre titles under its brand. However, Riot Games believes the time has come to pivot their focus and energy toward the more ambitious projects that are being developed internally.

This shift in strategy marks a new chapter for Riot Games as they streamline their operations and concentrate on the most promising and impactful ventures in their portfolio. As the gaming industry continues to evolve, Riot Games is adapting to ensure it stays at the forefront, making hard but necessary decisions for its future growth and sustainability.

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