Revealing the Scariest Dark Web Experience After 30 Years of Hacking


The dark web is the darkest place on the internet. The vast majority of content published on the Internet resides in this difficult-to-access place. Thus, in it you can buy followers for social networks, fake identity cards, drugs, weapons and even personas. Only the most experienced users should enter this portal, since a wrong step in it can cause all your personal information to fall into their hands.

That is, in essence, what a hacker with 30 years of experience said in a recent interview. As pointed out Tech Maniacs in a publication, this person has dedicated three decades of his life to carry out work related to hacking. During much of it, he identified himself as a black hat, hackers without moral limits whose motivation is to do harm and/or make money. However, in his last years he has opted for a more ethical aspect that has led him to collaborate with different companies as a white hat.

Now he chases criminals

Thus, he assures that he changed his attitude and began to act for the public good (for example: finds vulnerabilities and notifies companies) as a result of different situations experienced on the dark web. One of those that marked him the most was an attack on a hospital. As she reveals, malicious agents they encrypted the data of the patients and asked for money in exchange for decrypting them. Therefore, those responsible found themselves at a crossroads: agree to blackmail and pay or, on the contrary, risk the lives of the sick.

In this way, the hacker reveals that there are criminals who only have “economic motivations” and look for any way to make money. Furthermore, he also assures that, at the other extreme, there are only people who “wants to see the world burn”. Surprisingly, he also confirmed that almost all governments turn to white hats for help, since this type of profile is essential to keep various public institutions safe.

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