Resident Evil 5 Remake or Resident Evil 9: Capcom’s Busy Schedule


The English voice actor for Wesker confirms that he is working on a new game that could be Resident Evil 5 Remake, while an insider speaks of Capcom having 5 projects related to the saga in development.

Resident Evil is a franchise for PC, Steam Deck, PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch, but after Resident Evil 4 Remake, it is unclear what Capcom’s next move will be. Will we see the remake of Resident Evil 5?

The Japanese developer has been thriving with the Resident Evil franchise, releasing new installments and mobile and VR adaptations that expanded the series with successful results.

This approach does not seem to be slowing down. This was evident in a tweet by The Game Awards, in which they wanted to know “the most anticipated game for PlayStation by the community”. This prompted Craig Burnatowski to respond and give a very juicy hint that Capcom is developing a new Resident Evil, as seen in the embedded tweet.

The new voice actor for Albert Wesker was recently in Resident Evil 4 and in the Different Path DLC, but it’s not the first time Burnatowski has worked with Capcom, as he was in Resident Evil Outbreak back in 2003. Outside of the Resident Evil saga, Burnatowski has also been present in games like Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Watch Dogs: Legion, and The Division 2.

There has been speculation that Capcom is working on Resident Evil 5 Remake or Resident Evil Code Veronica Remake, so the response from the mentioned voice actor lends more credibility to one of them.

Following the success of the recent remakes and the positive reception of Resident Evil 2 Remake and Resident Evil 3 Remake, Capcom is likely to continue releasing these projects in the future.

It has yet to be announced whether Resident Evil 9 is the next game on the studio’s list, as the Japanese company has work ahead with Resident Evil Village and the upcoming Resident Evil 4 Remake Gold Edition.

After Leon, it’s now Claire’s turn to act. Although the physical version of this game will only arrive in Europe, the game is still planned. The project is rumored to be released in 2025, but plans may vary.

The well-known and reputable insider, Dusk Golem, recently published that Capcom is currently working on 5 new games in the Resident Evil saga. One of them could be Resident Evil 9, but the insider makes it clear that one of these games will not be released until the end of 2026 and/or the beginning of 2027, so we’ll have to wait.

All of this is still speculation, but Dusk Golem has a well-known history with the Resident Evil franchise and has quite a bit of credibility on this topic. “I predict the games in development are RE9, CV, 5, REV3, Outbreak, and a Hunk game. I say this because the leaks mention…” commented a user on Reddit.

It is clear that this well-known voice actor has teased a new Resident Evil, but the insider ensures that Capcom is working on 5 saga projects that will be released in the coming years.

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