Resident Evil 4: Remake Sales Prove Capcom Right


If you are a fan of survival horror games, then you are likely familiar with and have played games from the Resident Evil series. Just under a year ago, the creators released Resident Evil 4 Remake, a game that quickly sold millions of units and became a favorite among many fans. However, players are already looking towards the future, and Capcom has revealed very little about what to expect from the franchise in the coming months or years.

A few days ago, Capcom reported on its website that Resident Evil 4 Remake had sold 6.48 million units. In less than a year, this game starring Leon has been purchased by many players. For those who have not yet purchased it, the game is now available in a more complete version in a Gold Edition, which has been on sale in stores since February 9.

The future of the franchise is somewhat uncertain as the company has not revealed its plans, but according to a reliable insider of the franchise, Capcom has given the green light to “multiple” games in the Resident Evil saga for 2023, with “some” of them being remakes. This corresponds with the recent news that up to five games in this IP are currently in development.

The next potential remake in the Resident Evil series is a topic of much speculation. Clues found in Resident Evil 4 Remake point towards a Resident Evil 5 Remake being inevitable. The Wesker actor also hinted at working on a new game, adding to the anticipation of what’s to come.

Many fans are eagerly waiting for a potential remake of RE: Code Veronica, and there are also rumors of Resident Evil 9 having the largest budget in the saga. Additionally, a remake of Resident Evil or Resident Evil 0 could be a possibility in the future.

The future of the franchise is still uncertain, and time will reveal the answers to what remakes or new games we can expect from the Resident Evil series.

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