Quick and easy ways to earn Fight Money in Tekken 8


All game modes and procedures that exist to get a bunch of coins to personalize our characters in Tekken 8 matches.

One of your main concerns in Tekken 8 is to make money, money that you will be able to invest in obtaining cosmetics and, ultimately, customizing your favorite characters.

Unfortunately, the in-game currency called Fight Money is scarce at first, so you have to play in practically all the modes to get it.

And the truth is that there are quite a few procedures to earn Fight Money in Tekken 8, but knowing exactly in which game modes you are awarded the most, you will already have a lot of time gained.

So we offer you the best procedures to earn a lot of Fight Money for your Tekken 8 matches to make you practically rich and be able to unlock whatever you want.

How to get Fight Money in Tekken 8 quickly: best methods

These are the best procedures to get Fight Money in the game:

Completing the story mode

We have a story with 15 chapters that you can complete. If you complete the 15 chapters, you will earn 10 million Fight Money, which is more than enough to buy a lot of accessories and outfits.

Also, you can set the difficulty mode to easy to make it much easier to complete.

Character episodes

There are 32 characters and each one has five battle episodes that you must also complete. For you to get an idea, each episode awards 1 million Fight Money, so complete the 32 to get millions of coins.

You can also set it to the easiest difficulty level.

Arcade Battles

Similarly, you can complete eight rounds of arcade battles to earn this currency, and when you complete the eight rounds, you will face a final boss and, upon defeating them, you will receive up to 1 million Fight Money.

Super Ghost Battles

Another way we have to earn a lot of Fight Money using another game mode.

Arcade search

It has six chapters to complete, each with a final boss, and if you complete the six chapters, you will win nothing less than 10 million Fight Money. Furthermore, if you defeat each boss, you will be awarded 1 million of this currency.

Don’t forget to also complete the side missions of each chapter to get more coins.

Online matches

You can earn up to 3 million Fight Money in group matches, quick matches, or online ranked matches, so take advantage of them.

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