Quake 6: Bethesda’s Best Kept Shooter Secret


Gamers have an incredible ability to notice even the smallest details at events like Developer_Direct. Developers often make references to other games, but there is also room for speculation about future titles that have not yet been released. In this case, there has been a hypothetical mention of “Quake 6” at an Xbox event, hinting at the possibility of its development.

The name “Quake 6” appeared at Developer_Direct during the Indiana Jones and the Great Circle presentation. While only a part of the title is visible in the image, “UP 6” has led many to interpret it as “Quake 6”. It’s worth noting that the full title does not appear, but the logo from the Quake series is visible below the text.

Although the last numbered title in the Quake franchise was Quake 4, released in 2007, there have been hints of a potential Quake 6. The media has revealed that Quake Champions, released in 2017, was internally known as Quake 5. While this reference does not confirm the development of Quake 6, it suggests that Bethesda is aware of it, and discussions about its development may have taken place in recent months or years.

Id Software, the creators of the Quake and Doom series, have extensive experience in developing legendary first-person shooters (FPS). Additionally, the developers at MachineGames, known for their work on the Wolfenstein series, have contributed to recent Quake remasters by working on two expansions – “Dimension of the Machine” and “Call of the Machine”. This experience indicates that the developers are well-prepared to work on a hypothetical Quake 6.

As for the structure of the new Indiana Jones game and Bethesda’s intentions with Quake, there are still many questions left unanswered. But the appearance of “Quake 6” at the event has certainly sparked speculation and excitement among fans.

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