Pre-order Stellar Blade’s Digital Edition for PS5


Sony confirms that Stellar Blade is now available for pre-order in both digital and physical formats for PlayStation 5. Let’s take a look at its editions.

Of all the games that will be hitting stores this year, 2024, there are some that caught our eye because of their visual achievements, thanks to frenetic trailers and dazzling action scenes. One of them is Stellar Blade, developed by the Koreans at Shift Up.

It was one of the games present in the State of Play on January 31st (summary here), and it also represents one of the most interesting exclusives for PlayStation this year.

Stellar Blade will also be released on PC at a later date, but it will first arrive on PS5. It will be on April 26th, with different digital editions and physical release.

It is a third-person action role-playing game that puts us in the shoes of Eve. This relentless warrior will have to save the planet Earth from a dangerous alien race, with the aim of returning it to the humans.

The director of Stellar Blade, Hyung Tae Kim, has confirmed the estimated duration of the game, as well as inspirations from classics of the genre, such as Nier Automata, Bayonetta, or Sekiro.

Stellar Blade is now available for pre-order

Sony has confirmed that all players can already pre-order Stellar Blade, both in digital and physical formats.

If we talk about the physical edition of PS5, which is the standard edition, it can be pre-ordered both on PlayStation Direct and in specialized stores. Its recommended retail price is 79,99 euros.

It is the same price as the standard digital edition, which can be pre-ordered on the PS Store. Both the physical and digital editions have the following pre-order incentives:

  • Early Unlock of Planetary Diving Suit for EVE.
  • Early Unlock of Classic Round Glasses for EVE.
  • Early Unlock of Armor Earrings for EVE.

For completionists, Stellar Blade also has a special digital edition. We are talking about the Digital Deluxe Edition, which can be pre-ordered on PlayStation Store at a recommended price of 89,99 euros.

What does the Deluxe edition of Stellar Blade include? In addition to the full game and pre-order incentives, you can enjoy the following:

  • Alternate outfit for Eve.
  • Alternative outfits for Adam and Lily.
  • Cosmetic for the drone.
  • 2000 experience points.
  • 5000 gold coins.

The game synopsis reads: ”Eve, a warrior descendant of an extraterrestrial colony, must face the Natybos, enemies of humanity whose origin is a mystery. Eve will have the help of Adam, a survivor from Earth, and Lily, a member of an ancient air squadron. The group’s goal will be to reclaim the planet and return it to the human race”.

Stellar Blade is one of the most striking exclusives of 2024 on PS5, which will hit stores on April 26. Later on, on a date yet to be determined, Shift Up’s title will be released for PC.

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