Pokémon Company to Act on Palworld Statement


Picture this: a world brimming with adorable creatures, much like Pokémon, except here, they’re toting machine guns. Enter Palworld, the gaming phenomenon that has taken 2024 by storm, flying off virtual shelves with a staggering 8 million copies sold in its first week alone. Gamers can’t stop talking about this new hit from Pocketpair, a survival game that has strikingly similar elements to the beloved Nintendo franchise.

But the success story isn’t without its drama. In fact, it’s the buzz of the gaming community—did Palworld cross the line from inspiration to outright plagiarism? The Pokémon Company certainly thinks there’s a case, having issued a stern statement: “We have not authorized the use of Pokémon intellectual property in that game. We plan to investigate and take appropriate action to protect our intellectual property rights.”

Palworld’s developers, Pocketpair, haven’t yet replied to the public accusations. However, it’s worth noting that their director has a controversial history of using AI to replicate Pokémon designs. The resemblance is uncanny with some in-game models appearing nearly identical to those found in Pokémon’s latest releases, Scarlet and Purple.

The inspirations—or should we say, similarities—don’t end with Pokémon-like creatures. Palworld seems to evoke elements of Rust and borrows sounds and menu aesthetics from recent The Legend of Zelda titles, Breath of the Wild and Tears of the Kingdom. Despite this patchwork of ‘tributes,’ the folks at Pocketpair have remained tight-lipped about their creative influences.

Intrigue aside, neither allegations of copying nor looming legal battles have dampened players’ enthusiasm for Palworld. Its success speaks volumes, with Steam reviews pouring in with overwhelming positivity. It’s like the gaming community has found a delightful, albeit contentious, guilty pleasure in this Pokémon-esque world with a twist—a survival game that’s winning hearts, even amongst the controversy.

A recent tweet from @ChaoticMeatball captures the prevailing sentiment: Players are bemused by the blatant similarities yet can’t resist the allure of this quirky clone, a mashup of familiar favorites wrapped in a new, action-packed package. It’s these tongue-in-cheek reactions that have fueled Palworld’s viral fame.

As the debate over creative borrowing versus intellectual theft rages on, it’s clear that Palworld has shaken up the industry. Gamers are hooked, sales are through the roof, and the legal eagles are circling. One thing’s for certain: the saga of Palworld is far from over, and all eyes are on how this virtual feud will unfold. Will it weather the legal storm, or will Palworld’s success story take an unexpected twist? Only time will tell.

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