PlayStation 6: Technical Details, Sony’s Plans, and Launch Window


It is rumored that Sony has teamed up with AMD to work on the successor to the PlayStation 5, although they also contacted NVIDIA. When will the theoretical PS6 come out?

It is too early to talk about Sony and Microsoft’s next consoles. Nevertheless, we already have a brief glimpse of what could be the next generation, with the leaked Xbox that would run its games through the cloud, but with a hybrid format.

While Nintendo prepares ”silently” for its next Switch console, eyes are on Sony, as the company has been linked to an announcement of an update for the PS5.

It is not clear whether the PS5 Pro is real or whether it will be released this year, although some industry sources claim so. There are even rumors that Sony is already thinking about a PlayStation 6, as well as a new handheld console.

And this is where things get interesting. The user RedGamingTech has revealed a few details about the PS6, delving into some technical aspects of Sony’s next machine.

As is logical, none of these details are confirmed by Sony, which, outwardly, does not want to hear about a hypothetical PlayStation 6.

Will the PS6 be the most powerful console of its generation?

According to the information revealed by RedGamingTech on YouTube, Sony is thinking about how to make the PlayStation 6 the most powerful console of its generation. It is their obsession in the face of the next competition with Nintendo and Xbox.

It should be remembered that, although with PS4 they managed to position themselves ahead of Xbox One at launch, both Xbox One X and Xbox Series X are more powerful, on paper, than PS4 Pro and PS5.

This information ensures that Sony has contacted AMD, joining forces with the hardware manufacturer to achieve the most powerful device ever seen in consoles.

La consola PlayStation 5, el producto más buscado en España en 2023.
La consola PlayStation 5, el producto más buscado en España en 2023.

It is said that Sony previously contacted NVIDIA, but ultimately opted for AMD. Remember that it is also the manufacturer of the architectures of PS5 and both Xbox Series.

PS6, in principle, would bet on a substantial improvement in ray and path tracing, as well as the application of AI tools (especially for NPCs) and machine learning.


About a possible release window, RedGamingTech places it in the distant year 2028, when this console generation would end. Although, beware, because Microsoft could bring it forward to 2026.

It would still be a long time before an official announcement of the PS6, so you can forget about the topic for a few years. However, it seems that the PlayStation 5 Pro is part of Sony’s short-term plans, as the first prototypes would already be in some studio offices.

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