Play Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth Demo for Free!


Many players have been eagerly anticipating the recent event, which comes after two State of Play celebrations in just one week. The focus of this event was to showcase the gameplay, trailer, and more details from Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. Many users were online watching the conference, and there’s quite a bit to talk about. We’re particularly excited about the gameplay that Square Enix showcased at the PlayStation event.

The video revealed by Square Enix barely lasts 20 minutes, but it provides enough details for players to understand the game mechanics. The most exciting news is that the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo is now available for download from the PS Store on your PlayStation 5. The demo features a mix of cinematics and gameplay, allowing users to explore more details of the open world outside Midgard.

In the demo, players can experience playing with Cloud or Sephirot in the episode of Nibelheim, and in the next few days, a piece of the demo will be added to the Junon playable region. The demo also introduces new minigames, along with already known characters from Final Fantasy VII Remake. However, the company’s focus remains on the narrative aspects of the game. After an emotional first trailer, the gameplay focuses on Cloud and his companions.

Square Enix emphasizes the open world of the game with varied content, divided by regions recognizable to nostalgic players. The game guarantees moments of fun with mini-games and battles against bosses. Additionally, players can take on different jobs, help inhabitants, and fulfill missions for companions, offering them total freedom to focus on the story if they wish.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth promises to be a cinematic experience, with developed characters interacting in the world. The game also offers two resolution modes, allowing players to choose between performance at 60 FPS with lower resolution or prioritizing 4K with a lower frame rate. The musical aspect will also be impressive, with over 400 new themes recorded. The game emphasizes that player choices will affect how Cloud is perceived by peers and teaches combat in depth, with attacks reacting on DualSense.

After playing three hours with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, the 3DJuegos editorial team describes it as one of the most ambitious open-world RPGs of the generation. They praise the graphic power of the game, the systems of relationships between group members, and the depth of combat. The game is set to arrive on February 29, 2024, for PS5, taking up approximately 150 GB, with exclusivity for 3 months.

Finally, 3DGames plans to delve deeper into the game, discussing topics such as the debut of Final Fantasy and the anticipated RPGs of 2023.

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