Play EA Sports FC 24 for Free – Limited Time PC Download


Football has been, is, and will continue to be the king sport. This is evident in the incredible sales achieved by EA Sports FC 24 in just a few months. The price of the video game has been decreasing over time, which has undoubtedly encouraged sales. However, EA Sports is smart and knows when to make the video game free for a limited time on a specific platform.

Currently, you can download EA Sports FC 24 for free on Steam for a limited time and play as long as you want until Monday, January 22 at 7:00 p.m. This gives everyone the opportunity to try the game and see if they like the latest video game in the EA Sports FC (FIFA) saga.

If you enjoy the game and are thinking about purchasing the EA Sports soccer simulator, the company has started a promotion offering up to a 70% discount on Steam. EA Sports FC 24 is currently priced at 20.99 euros, and this discount will be available until January 30. Additionally, those subscribed to EA Play have immediate access to 10 hours of testing, as well as an interesting catalog of video games.

EA Sports FC 24 recently revealed its Team of the Year, with the eleven TOTY players of men’s and women’s soccer. These teams were voted on by the community and can now appear in the envelopes of Ultimate Team. Currently, players from attacking positions are available, with midfielders becoming available on January 21 and defenders and goalkeepers on January 23.

In summary, football remains a popular sport, as seen in the success of EA Sports FC 24. The game is currently available for free on Steam for a limited time, and a promotion offering a 70% discount is running until January 30. Additionally, the TOTY players have been revealed, adding excitement for gamers.

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