Play 40 Games a Day to Achieve It


The year 2023 is already part of the past, so it is time to look back to discover interesting data that the last 365 days have left us. In the case of Steam, we can take a look at the enormous number of games that have been published and the truth is that it is unfathomable for any user.

According to the statistics collected by SteamDB, we are talking about 14,531 titles released in the Valve store in 2023, which marks the highest number to date. Each year the progression is greater, since in 2022 the scale had been set at 12,562 games that passed through the platform for the first time.

In order to measure the magnitude of the number, it is enough to calculate the number of works that we would have to play per day to be able to cover them all. We would need to play 40 games daily, 279 per week, and 1,210 each month, which is absolutely impossible to achieve. It was only in 2019 when fewer games landed on Steam than in the previous year, but the trend is very clear.

The initiative Steam Direct, which was released in June 2017, allowed much easier access for developers’ projects to the catalog, which is why the graph shows an insane increase in the last six years. The pace does not stop in 2024, since in the two days of the year so far 46 new jobs have already been published, so the final mark will surely be higher in a few months.

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