Pixar gets ready for emotions with new teaser of Inside Out 2


Pixar aims high this summer with the sequel to the 2015 film despite an arduous battle at the box office.

After a few years in which Pixar has not quite hit the mark to conquer the public, although Elemental did quite well at the box office, the prolific animation studio returns to their established sagas in 2024 with Del revés 2.

The sequel to one of Pixar’s most successful films arrives in June with emotions running high, never better said: Joy and company return with Riley in full adolescence, with raging hormones and a dramatic inability to control their impulses.

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Amy Poehler, Phyllis Smith, Lewis Black, Tony Hale, Liza Lapira, and Maya Hawke are some of the voices that will be featured in the original version of the movie.

Pixar hopes to find itself back in the box office in a difficult time for the studio, which is facing a year with possible layoffs as the focus shifts back to the big screen after the emphasis on Disney+.

Will Del revés 2 be the catalyst Pixar needs?

At the top of this article, you will find the new teaser trailer for Del revés 2, with Anxiety arriving at the control center to turn everything upside down.

As we mentioned, although Elemental managed to save the day at the box office, its start was quite tepid, Pixar hopes that Del revés 2 will achieve the success that is much needed at the box office. The first movie grossed $858.6 million, which is a good incentive.

However, it will not be an easy road, as Del revés 2 will be in competition with Gru 4: Mi villano favorito, with Illumination at one of their best moments.

It will be interesting to see this box office showdown, which, while not the Barbenheimer, can be very entertaining through two beloved animation sagas. The emotions are served, both at the box office and in Del revés 2.

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