Pirate King’s Crew: Only One Piece Character Invited Twice


Spoiler warning: The text contains information about events seen in chapter 967 of the manga.

Would any of us be able to refuse to be part of the band of Monley D. Luffy? Of course not, especially when we already know that the destiny of the protagonist of One Piece is to conquer the Grand Line. Obviously, a very juicy candy would be joining the crew of Gol D. Roger the first Pirate King who ever existed and who found the legendary treasure.

Both situations seem to have the same answer, except for the one character who was asked if he wanted to join both gangs. This is the case of Franky, the charismatic cyborg who sails alongside the Straw Hats and who joined the group after the events in Water 7. Specifically in chapter 437 of the manga, Luffy tells him to board the Thousand Sunny to be his carpenter.

Franky, although it is difficult for him to take the step, decides to leave his home to take care of his greatest work, but he had a similar opportunity years ago that he did not want to take advantage of. It happened during Gol D. Roger’s visit to the fountain-shaped city, during chapter 967 of the manga, and at that time Kozuki Oden addressed the young boy to Ask him if he would like to be Oro Jackson’s carpenter. which was created by his teacher Tom.

It is here that Franky rejects the proposal and argues that the pirates do not generate the greatest trust in him, since they will surely abandon him as happened to him the last time with his parents. Without knowing it, that kid so dedicated to the construction of all kinds of devices did not think that I would have found the exact location of One Piece and thus having helped Luffy. However, the trip wouldn’t have been as fun as it is so far, right?

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