Piqué Calls Game Most Overrated, Ibai Reacts: “True Insight!”


Gerard Piqué, the former soccer star, has a knack for stirring up the pot, and this time it’s the gaming community that’s buzzing. Imagine this: Piqué, famous for his footwork on the pitch, stepping into the world of video games only to drop a bombshell about what he sees as the most overhyped game ever. And that game, ladies and gentlemen, is none other than Minecraft, the brainchild of Mojang that has captivated millions.

When Piqué shared his hot take on social media, it was like he scored a controversial goal in the world of gaming. The response was electric. Even Ibai Llanos, an internet personality well-versed in games and streams, couldn’t hold back. He went for the jugular with a fiery clap back at Piqué, calling him “a real asshole.”

Llanos’s reaction came after he threw out a question on X, the platform where the Twitter birds used to sing. He beckoned the digital crowd to weigh in on the debate of the century: “What’s the game that’s gotten way more praise than it deserves? The kind that makes you cringe?” His post was like a magnet, drawing almost two million eyeballs in no time.

Despite Piqué’s shade-throwing, Minecraft’s success story reads like a fairy tale. Picture it: back in 2009, a humble Alpha version of Minecraft emerged, charming players with its simple, blocky world where anything was possible. This little game had gumption, and by 2011, version 1.0 launched, setting the stage for global domination. Mojang’s creation became so revered that even the tech titan Microsoft couldn’t resist, scooping up the studio for a cool $2.5 billion in 2014. A decade on, and that investment has paid dividends.

Minecraft has been like a tree, growing branches far and wide. We’ve seen it morph into all sorts of spin-offs. Take “Minecraft Dungeons,” for example, which in 2021 tried to enchant us with action-RPG spells in a world resembling the mazes of Diablo. However, it didn’t quite win our hearts at the outset. Fast forward to 2023, and along comes “Minecraft Legends,” dabbling in strategy but not quite lighting a fire under the players to keep the content mill churning.

Then there’s “Minecraft Earth,” which briefly took the mobile world by storm in 2019. Sadly, this augmented reality branch on the Minecraft tree didn’t quite take root and quietly withered away a few years later.

So there you have it. Whether Piqué’s got a point or it’s just a case of one man’s meat being another man’s poison, the debate over Minecraft’s place in the gaming hall of fame rages on. Love it or loathe it, Minecraft’s blocky charm has left an indelible mark on the virtual world.

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