Pineapple vs Salami: Japanese Board Game Duel


Marina Fujiwara is a Japanese artist who may not be a household name, but she’s certainly making a name for herself with creations that are delightfully quirky. She’s become known for her “useless inventions,” a concept she’s embraced fully with a touch of humor and creativity. These aren’t your typical inventions meant to solve everyday problems; they’re more about making a statement or simply providing a chuckle.

Imagine sitting down to play a board game, and not just any board game, but one that is designed around a tantalizingly realistic pizza. That’s exactly what Fujiwara has cooked up with her latest creation. The game is cheekily called “Pineapple vs Salami,” and it’s stirring up conversations around a topic some find juicy and others can’t digest—the contentious issue of pineapple on pizza.

The game is as simple as it is amusing. The board is shaped like an inviting pizza pie adorned with a grid pattern, and players engage in a lighthearted battle using pieces that resemble pineapple chunks and salami slices. The goal? Cover the entire pizza surface with your choice of topping. It’s a playful way to poke fun at the debate and perhaps even settle the dispute once and for all—or just have a good laugh about it.

When Fujiwara unveiled “Pineapple vs Salami” on social media, she described it as a board game where “people who want to put pineapple on pizza fight against people who want to stop it.” Her audiences were immediately intrigued—both for the game and the ever-present debate it represents.

Indeed, Fujiwara’s work often blurs the lines between playfulness and statement-making. “Pineapple vs Salami” isn’t just a game; it’s a piece of conversational art that taps into a culinary controversy that has opinions flying as thick and fast as cheese on a bubbling pizza. It doesn’t really matter which country you’re from. The discussion over pineapple pizza has a far-reaching appeal, transcending cultures and continents. Whether in Italy, the birthplace of pizza, over in the United States, across Spain, or virtually any corner of the globe, people have strong feelings about this fruity pizza topping.

Fujiwara’s artistic touch connects with people on social media, who have shown considerable enthusiasm for “Pineapple vs Salami.” It’s evident that the artist knows how to engage an audience and even encourage interaction, whether it be through laughter or a shared sense of absurdity. Her inventions may be deemed “useless” in the practical sense, but they certainly serve a purpose in bringing people together over common oddities and sparking joy.

In a world where debates can be heated and divisive, it’s refreshing to have artists like Marina Fujiwara who can turn even a polarizing food debate into an opportunity for play and connection. Through toys, games, and social media, she creates spaces where playful discourse can thrive, reminding us not to take everything so seriously all the time. Whether you’re Team Pineapple or Team Salami, Fujiwara’s creation invites you to throw your toppings in the ring and savor the whimsical side of life.

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