Pikachu Van Gogh’s Portrait: Speculators Cause Altercations and Loss of Value


In 2023, The Pokémon Company and the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam collaborated to create the “Pika-Portrait” to commemorate the museum’s 50th anniversary. This version of the Dutch artist’s self-portrait featured Pikachu as the protagonist. However, the event led to chaos at the museum and subsequent resale of the cards.

The reselling frenzy resulted in violence and pushing as people tried to obtain one of these numbered cards for hundreds of euros. The Pokémon Company and the museum have announced that they will massively reprint the cards, but with a new design to end the uniqueness of the first print run.

The reprinted “Van Gogh Pikachu” cards will be sold for 29.99 euros in the Netherlands in 2024, with the possibility of extending the promotion to other European countries. This reprint will significantly reduce the value of the 2023 cards, as the new batch will consist of at least 100,000 cards sold without any conditions or promotions.

The first batch of these reprinted cards will be available in stores on Feb. 10, marking the end of the value of the original cards. The Pokémon Company and the Van Gogh Museum have decided to strengthen their relationship to combat speculators. The Pokémon Company will sell these cards in electronics and merchandise stores in the Netherlands, but it will not be offered for free. The decision to reprint the cards is a blow to the disastrous situation in 2023, but it will also end the value of the initial cards.

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