Persona 3 Reload: Atlus’ Fastest-Selling Game


The sales of Persona 3 Reload in physical and digital surpass a million after a week on sale, making the JRPG the fastest-selling game in Atlus history.

Atlus and Sega recently released Persona 3 Reload on PC, Steam Deck, PS4, Xbox One, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, resulting in a million copies sold during its first 7 days on sale.

These distributions of the game have been both in physical and digital formats, leading to the fastest-selling game in Atlus history, despite being available on Game Pass.

In one of their announcements on Twitter, the company states: “Persona 3 Reload has sold a million copies worldwide in its first week“, achieving this milestone for the company.

Thank you very much to our community for your incredible support. We look forward to breaking more records with you. 💙“, they concluded in the previously linked tweet.

On their official website, they confirm almost the same thing, only in Japanese. Referring to “accumulated worldwide sales […] of Persona 3 Reload, which was released for sale on Friday, February 2, 2024“.

Although on that page they also looked back a bit by mentioning the first game in the Persona series in 1996 and that Persona 5 “was well-received worldwide and is one of Atlus’ most popular JRPGs“.

Persona 3 Reload sells a million copies in one week

The complete remake of Persona 3 “was the turning point that led to the current popularity of the series and was done in the hands of the current P-Studio“, it continued to read on the mentioned website.

The core of the game, such as the scenario and the characters, has been maintained, while the operability has been improved and the graphics have been completely redesigned.

The game’s new graphics and improved controls bring back the ’emotion’ of the original game with even greater vividness“, perhaps that’s why in its international reviews we said that it came very close to perfection as a remake.

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Although it lacks two key pieces to be the ‘definitive version,’ Persona 3 Reload modernizes a classic to the level of today’s great RPGs and includes enough new features to tempt those who already knew it.

The best of both worlds, as they say“, we said in our review. The game also rose as the best-selling game in the history of the saga on Steam.

Right now, the news is that Persona 3 Reload has sold 1 million copies in a week and is the fastest-selling game in Atlus history. Will we see another million soon?

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