Pedro Sánchez vows to support Spanish comics


Comics in Spain are on the rise, with the recent release of the ‘White Book of Comics in Spain’, the first comprehensive analysis of the industry in the country. More than 650 professionals contributed to this report, showcasing the growth and potential of the comics sector.

The President of the Government of Spain, Pedro Sánchez, recently met with representatives from the comic book industry at La Moncloa. He expressed his support for the sector and emphasized the need to promote initiatives that will help Spanish comics thrive. Sánchez also highlighted the rich talent and cultural roots of the industry in Spain.

In a statement from La Moncloa, it was revealed that the comics industry in Spain boasts over 4 million readers, more than 1,000 artists, and generates 1,500 specialized jobs. The government is committed to supporting and revitalizing the industry, including plans to reinvigorate the development of the Artist Statute. This reflects the government’s dedication to the flourishing of the comics industry in Spain.

The ‘White Book of Comics in Spain’ provides a comprehensive overview of the industry, highlighting its significance and potential for growth. The report serves as a valuable resource for understanding the current state of the comics sector in Spain and the opportunities it presents for further development.

With the government’s support and commitment to fostering the growth of the comics industry, there is great potential for Spanish comics to prosper and expand both nationally and internationally. The industry’s cultural impact and economic contributions make it an important and valuable sector that deserves attention and investment.

The recognition and support from the government, as demonstrated by Pedro Sánchez’s meeting with industry representatives, signify a positive step forward for the comics industry in Spain. With a clear commitment to promoting initiatives and supporting the talented artists and professionals in the field, the future looks promising for Spanish comics. This collaborative effort between the government and the comics industry can lead to exciting opportunities and advancements for the sector.

Overall, the ‘White Book of Comics in Spain’ and the government’s commitment to the industry mark a significant moment for the comics sector. It is an indication of the recognition and support that the industry deserves, and a promising sign for its future growth and success.

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