PC Gaming Pros: Why Xokas, IlloJuan & Jordi Choose It Over Consoles


For many passionate gamers, the age-old question persists: PC or console – which reigns supreme for the ultimate gaming experience? In Spain, several leading content creators have weighed in, declaring their allegiance to PCs. They claim the comfort and vast game catalog available on PC today simply make it unbeatable. Decades ago, a distinction was clear, with PCs dominating certain game genres. Today, however, nearly every game can be found on PC, and personalities like Jordi Wild, Xokas, and IlloJuan confidently advocate for this platform.

Jordi Wild and Xokas have recently discussed interesting developments regarding Xbox and the swirling rumors about Microsoft potentially becoming a third-party game publisher for multiple consoles. There’s speculation on what their business model might entail, which should be unveiled on February 15 at 9 p.m. Xokas is optimistic about Microsoft’s strategy, foreseeing a future where subscription services like Xbox Game Pass provide maximum convenience and options to users. Jordi Wild, however, isn’t entirely convinced, suggesting that a hybrid model allowing for both subscriptions and game purchases will continue to exist.

The debate on whether it’s better to play on a PC or console is quite subjective. Some, like Jordi Wild, ardently believe that the computer will remain central, not only for gaming but as an integral part of daily life. Yet, millions still purchase consoles, preferring their living room setups and physical game collections. Console proponents enjoy the ease of plugging a console into a TV and relaxing on a couch or armchair, not having to worry about system requirements. The exclusivity of Nintendo and PlayStation titles, along with the Nintendo Switch’s mobility, gives consoles an edge. Yet, the onset of PC-like portable devices, such as the Steam Deck, is narrowing this gap. Consoles continue to have a sense of physical ownership and collectability that PCs just can’t match.

PC gaming comes with its own set of advantages. In recent times, the convenience of playing on a computer rivals that of consoles, with many games now optimized to run on a wide variety of hardware. High-end PCs eliminate concerns about game compatibility altogether; if you can afford one, rest assured everything will run smoothly. Not to mention, PC games tend to be more affordable. Another feather in the PC’s cap is the social interaction made seamless by communication tools like Discord, something console gaming is still trying to perfect.

PC gamers also regularly enjoy free games from platforms like Epic Games Store, Steam, or GOG, adding to the already monumental game library available. The days when PCs were associated mostly with strategy games, shooters, and RPGs are long gone. Today, a PC game catalog has nothing to envy from that of any console, with its continuously expanding array of genres and retro releases.

IlloJuan, another influencer, asserts without doubt that PC is superior. Ever since he could afford a computer that could handle any game, he has been unwavering in his preference for gaming on PC.

But is the gaming experience really better on PC or console? This is highly subjective. High-quality PCs can deliver outstanding game quality that sometimes surpasses poor console ports. While consoles still offer a cozy couch experience, the advent of quality gaming chairs makes PC gaming equally comfortable. With the ability to play many PC games with a controller, the lines are blurring. The old norm of ‘plug and play’ is fading on consoles as game installations become longer and more frequent, often more so than on PC.

Where is it best to play? Personally, I might lean towards PC, despite my enduring love for consoles. Whether they’re vintage or modern, consoles provide unmatched experiences. Ideally, if budget isn’t a barrier, why not enjoy both worlds? But if you must choose, PC often offers more assurances, albeit with a potentially higher investment for a decent setup. The benefits are numerous, but if you have the means, there’s nothing quite like the luxury of owning both a PC and a console or two, allowing you to immerse yourself in whatever each can offer.

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