Palworld: Why You Shouldn’t Get the Lifmunk Effigies


In the world of Palworld there are some items you should collect, and others that, for now, it’s better to avoid. We explain the reason.

There’s no doubt: Palworld is one of the big games of 2024. And that even though it’s still in Game Preview or early access, many players are already giving it a lot of play on Xbox consoles, Windows, and Steam.

It’s true that Pocket Pair, its creators, are having some legal issues with The Pokémon Company, but it’s surely worth it considering the game’s brutal success.

In Palworld, players can explore a huge open world, divided by biomes, capturing all the Pals to complete the Palpedia, and defeating the rulers, who are like the Pokémon gym leaders.

In this Palworld guide, we talk about the Lifmunk Effigies. They are one of the most striking collectibles in the game, but, for now, you should stay away from these statues… for your own good.

Lifmunk Effigies: what you need to know

In Palworld, there are a few items you should know about. One of them, which, in theory, grants a positive effect, is the Lifmunk Effigies.

We can say that they are green statues that shine very brightly, named after Lifmunk, one of the most popular Pals in the game.

In theory, players are encouraged to collect all the Lifmunk Effigies, which are scattered throughout the map in different biomes. If you get them all, you should get a higher capture ratio for any Pal in the game. In other words, more chances to capture successfully.


The problem is that, judging by several Palworld players, these Lifmunk Effigies cause the opposite effect, due to a bug. In other words, they make the capture ratio lower.

The evidence is in the gameplay posted by Chalenor on YouTube. Playing the 1.0.3. version of Palworld, this user demonstrates that the capture ratio decreases when all the Lifmunk statues are obtained.

Before getting the Effigies, this player had a capture ratio of 53%. After obtaining all the statues, this ratio drops to 37%, according to his estimations.


That’s why, for now, all Palworld players are advised to stay away from the Lifmunk Effigies. If you don’t have them all, avoid looking for the rest, because your capture ratio could decrease.

It is expected that Pocket Pair will solve this problem with a future update, once they locate and confirm the issue.

To have a higher capture ratio, without getting these statues, you can build better Pal Spheres, or inflict status effects (paralysis or freezing, for example) on the wild Pals you want to capture.


Palworld has been available since January 19 in early access. You can play it on both Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One as well as on PC (Windows and Steam), and on Xbox Game Pass at no extra cost.

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