Palworld: Achieving Incredible Sales and Breaking Records


Many players had high expectations for this significant milestone, but the success of Palworld, also known as ‘Pokémon with guns’, has exceeded all records. The game has seen tremendous success in terms of player valuation, concurrent users, and sales, and it is also available on Xbox Game Pass, making it easily accessible to a wide audience.

Despite being in Early Access, Palworld has already achieved several remarkable milestones. It has sold over 2 million copies in just 24 hours, a feat announced on social media platforms. Additionally, the game has received positive reviews on Steam, with over 90% of players leaving a favorable opinion.

Furthermore, the game has seen a surge in simultaneous players, with over 550,000 concurrent users at the time of writing, making it the 12th game with the most simultaneous players. It is expected to surpass 600 or 700 thousand concurrent users in the near future, further solidifying its success.

Palworld also offers crossplay between Xbox Series X|S and PC through Windows, and the developers are looking to add crossplay between Xbox and Steam in the future. However, the number of players allowed in a room varies between platforms, with Xbox allowing 2-4 players and Steam allowing up to 32 users. The developers have expressed their desire to have dedicated servers on Xbox, but negotiations are challenging and currently out of their control.

In summary, Palworld has achieved unprecedented success, and its accessibility, positive reception, and rapidly growing player base are clear signs of its impact on the gaming community. With many more milestones to come, Palworld is firmly establishing itself as a major player in the gaming industry.

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