Palpatine’s Double Resurrection in ‘Star Wars’ Legends


Embark on a galaxy-spanning journey as we unravel the enigmatic return of Emperor Palpatine in “Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker.” Met with a mix of intrigue and skepticism, Palpatine’s unexpected resurgence in the film raised many eyebrows and left audiences with a hunger for explanations. Despite some initial criticism, particularly for the somewhat jarring resurrection of Darth Sidious, the creative minds at Lucasfilm have gradually peeled back the layers of this mystery, weaving a narrative that draws inspiration from the Star Wars Legends—particularly with cloning technology playing a pivotal role.

Palpatine’s revival isn’t quite a carbon copy of Legends lore. It’s essential to consider the context. Back when the comic ‘Star Wars: Dark Empire’ was released in 1995, the Star Wars prequels had not yet splashed across cinema screens. This led to certain elements that now seem out of step with the current canon. For instance, in the updated universe, cloning is the brainchild of the Kaminoans, renowned for their role in creating the clone army for the Galactic Republic. Fast forward to the aftermath of the Empire’s fall, as depicted in ‘The Bad Batch,’ Palpatine orchestrates the destruction of Kamino’s facilities. Despite this, he captures the talented scientist Nala Se and coerces her into working for him at the Mount Tantiss base—a decision she initially resists but eventually accepts under duress.

Imagine a contingency plan set against a cosmic battleground—Palpatine’s foresight into the dark side, inherited from Darth Plagueis, his formidable master, is nothing short of prophetic. Darth Sidious hatches a clandestine scheme, leveraging his mystical knowledge to transpose his spirit across a string of clones crafted at his behest. Nevertheless, these vessels are far from perfect, deteriorating quickly and ultimately unable to contain his powerful essence indefinitely. In a desperate move, Palpatine’s essence commandeers Jeng Droga, once a loyal servant of the Emperor. After a period of silence and scheming within the confines of a clone body on Byss, Palpatine begins to orchestrate his grand vision of transitioning from the Galactic to the Dark Empire.

The saga continues to twist and twirl like a dance of lightsabers as Luke Skywalker, turned to the dark side, finds himself at Palpatine’s side as his newest apprentice. Yet, there’s hope still twinkling like a distant star, as Leia succeeds in her mission to reclaim her brother from darkness. Meanwhile, within the cloaked corners of the Empire, betrayal blossoms as Sidious’s own underlings destroy his clone reserves, driving him to the brink of desperation. His final gambit? To seize the innocent Anakin Solo as a new vessel. But as fate would have it, he fails, trapping his spirit with no recourse for another resurrection.

For enthusiastic fans and new recruits alike, ‘Star Wars: Dark Empire’ stands as a classic pillar within the expansive comics of the Star Wars universe. Whether you choose to delve into its pages via the Marvel Unlimited subscription service or prefer to hold the adventure in your hands in physical or digital form—where it has been masterfully translated into Spanish by Planeta Cómic—the legacy of Palpatine’s dark ambitions and the adventures that thwart them remain an eternal wellspring of Star Wars lore.

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