Overwatch 2 new season aims to “revitalize” the shooter


Activision Blizzard plans to “revitalize the experience of Overwatch 2” with various novelties in the hero shooter: “We have listened to the feedback about the game and have important updates for the future“.

Overwatch 2 is played on PC, Steam Deck, PS4, PS5, Xbox and Nintendo Switch despite criticism and fewer players, that is why Blizzard plans “major changes” to the game as part of a revitalization for the shooter.

With this, they hope that “the PvP will be more rewarding and fun“, as well as “offering greater transparency to players“. All the details are on their website, where the team assures that they have listened to the feedback.

We have created a better system that, in addition to being more accurate, explains how the complex modern matchmaking system works and provides clear information about how each match affects the ranking,” they comment.

An observation made is that knowing your rank doesn’t necessarily mean knowing the reasons why it goes up or down,” they began saying.

In previous competitive updates, the players’ progress was reflected throughout multiple confrontations, but in order to provide more transparency, we will update the ranking after each match and show how much progress you gain or lose in each division.”

“You will also be able to see under the rank progression bar the modifiers that affected your last game. Some offer information about matchmaking, such as the fact that you progress more if you defeat a team that had a higher chance of winning“.

Can Activision Blizzard revitalize the experience of Overwatch 2?

In addition to the renovation of the competitive mode, season 9 presents important changes to the fundamentals of Overwatch 2 that affect all heroes.”

We have listened to the community’s feedback about some key points for improvement and have developed changes to the basic gameplay with these objectives in mind“:

  • Provide more uniformity when hitting opponents with shots.
  • Decrease the effectiveness of burst damage to make it easier to counter.
  • Adjust the effectiveness of healing and damage to reduce the stagnation of team battles.

All of these changes have been designed to be applied together and in a balanced manner. We can’t wait for you to get into the game and try them all at once,” assures Activision Blizzard.

In the game’s official website, they have also detailed other notable changes coming to the game, such as an improvement in the way weapons fire.

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Overwatch 2 is, fundamentally, a competitive game, so it is important that the basic gameplay and competitive mode are as accessible and intuitive as possible.”

In addition to these changes in the main gameplay, we are going to redesign Junkertown and Pharah, as you will see in a subsequent blog.” The season 9 of Overwatch 2: Champions begins on February 13th and they look forward to receiving all kinds of feedback.

Now that Activision Blizzard plans to “revitalize the experience of Overwatch 2” with its new season, will they achieve their goal with all these changes?

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