Outrage over Cities: Skylines 2 continues


Cities: Skylines 2 premiered on October 24, marking a turning point for Colossal Order and Paradox with a sequel under some very low-quality standards compared to its first part. A situation that led the European studio to come out and denounce the threats and harassment received since the premiere. Unfortunately, and although three months have passed since its premiere, the negative comments continue to eat the game.

Mariina Hallikainen, CEO of Colossal Order, has been at the center of the storm since the premiere of the city builder, but he has also come out to defend his team on many occasions. Despite his efforts to keep the community informed through weekly updates on the game’s official website, the will persist between the players.

Anger continues to besiege the Cities Skylines 2 studio
Hallikainen’s latest publication has further increased the schism or division between the players. While some have praised his efforts and appreciated the transparency in communications, others have come to the fore to express their frustration for the apparent lack of progress in the problem resolution after four months of work and with a console version that should be just around the corner.

The comments, according to colleagues from 3DJuegosPC, fully attack the management of the studio and even point out, without evidence, that it is written with AI to try calm the waters. Others, for their part, point out, also without evidence, that in reality, this is nothing more than an early access version that has gone through the full game filter. “I just received my reimbursement from Steam. I might try again in a few years when this leaves early access,” reads Reddit.

In fact, the criticism is not limited only to the social network. After four months since its launch, Cities Skylines 2’s journey through Steam continues to be complicated with a general rating that does not rise above 59% positive reviews, something that completely clashes with its first installment from 2015, which continues to enjoy a 93% positive reviews.

Something that can even be seen in the player count with its release from 9 years ago exceeding 9,000 users, and the most recent one approaching 6,000. Of course, the difference is not very big and the CEO clings to her hard core of players to commit to the game. Hallikainen is decided to face the challenges and keep the community informed about the progress of the game, but the situation is still complicated.

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