Oscars Snub ‘Barbie’ for Best Actress & Director


Hey movie fans! Let’s chat about the latest buzz from Hollywood. Everyone’s talking about the 2024 Oscar nominations, and there’s a bit of a mix-up for all the “Barbie” movie enthusiasts out there. While this pink-tastic film snagged a total of eight nods, making it the fourth most-nominated movie of the year, it looks like the Academy might have overlooked it in some pretty big ways—especially in categories where many thought it was a shoo-in.

First off, let’s get the big picture. “Barbie” was trailing behind with its eight nominations while some major competitors stole the spotlight. Movies leading the pack included ‘Oppenheimer’ with a whopping 13 nods, followed by ‘Poor Creatures’ with 11, and Martin Scorsese’s ‘The Moon Killers’ with 10. But let’s dive into the details and see what’s got the Barbie fans feeling blue.

For starters, let’s talk about the top names in directing for this year’s Oscars. Greta Gerwig, known for her work on ‘Little Women’ and ‘Lady Bird,’ didn’t earn a spot in the director category. A surprising turn of events, for sure. Instead, the Academy passed the baton to this impressive lineup of directing talents:

– Christopher Nolan for ‘Oppenheimer’
– Jonathan Glazer for ‘The Zone of Interest’
– Justine Triet for ‘Anatomy of a Fall’
– Martin Scorsese for ‘The Moon Killers’
– Yorgos Lanthimos for ‘Poor Creatures’

And that’s not the only area where “Barbie” fans were holding out hope. Margot Robbie, who starred as the iconic blonde doll, also missed out on a Best Actress nomination. Talk about a tough break! Here’s who the Academy voters opted for instead:

– Annette Bening for ‘Nyad’
– Carey Mulligan for ‘Teacher’
– Emma Stone for ‘Poor Creatures’
– Lily Gladstone for ‘Moon Killers’
– Sandra Hüller for ‘Anatomy of a Fall’

Now, “Barbie” did shine in a few areas, but it missed the mark in some critical categories like cinematography, editing, sound, and soundtrack, not to mention makeup and hair. In fact, the movie’s nominations included two songs competing for the same award—Best Song.

So, what did “Barbie” actually get recognized for? Here’s the breakdown:

– Best Film
– Best Adapted Screenplay
– Ryan Gosling for Best Supporting Actor
– America Ferrera for Best Supporting Actress
– Best Production Design
– Best Costume
– Best Song for ‘I’m Just Ken’
– Best Song (again!) for ‘What Was I Made For?’

Sure, eight Oscar nominations are nothing to scoff at, and we’ve got to give props to the creative team behind “Barbie” for bringing home these nominations. But no Oscar love in the major slots like Best Actress or Best Director? That’s got to sting a little.

As the big night approaches, let’s keep an eye on how “Barbie” fares. Will it surprise us with some wins, or will it be just another pretty face at the awards show? Cross your fingers, Barbie fans—it ain’t over till the last award is handed out!

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