One Piece Author Unites Series History in Final Chapter


The One Piece manga continues to surprise everyone with unexpected revelations and provoking crazy and crazy theories.

Notice: Spoilers for chapter 1106 of the One Piece manga.

The last chapter of the One Piece manga has been truly crazy: while, on the one hand, we had the resurgence of Gear 5 in all its splendor, on the other, Eiichiro Oda welcomed two old friends of the Hats once again straw.

Dorry and Brogy made their stellar appearance in the last panel of the chapter, confirming that the giants are very close and, above all, they are on Luffy’s side. But there is something that goes beyond this: numerology. As Pewpiece tells on Twitter, the first time we saw this pair of giants was in the chapter 116.

Well, it turns out that his return seemed to be quite premeditated, since it was not until chapter 1106 when they have met the Straw Hats again. That is to say, Oda has waited until this succession of numbers for the giants to take center stage again, demonstrating once again that she had everything measured from the beginning.

The name of the chapters also stands out, but this is something much more interpretable: the name of chapter 116 is called “Giant”, while chapter 1106 is titled “On your side”; If we join both episodes, we are left with something like “The giants will be on your side”, thus leaving one more reason to relate both chapters. Of course, the Japanese mangaka knew very well at that time the importance of those two giants, and he once again demonstrates that the most powerful ability of One Piece It is, without a doubt, the ability to make friends.

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