On My Way to a Guinness Record Playing WoW for 59 Hours Straight


The passion for video games sometimes makes us immerse ourselves in a title and spend hours without realizing it. That has happened to many of us, but it is really not a very healthy practice. However, there are a number of players who take it to the limit until they get a Guinness record. Next we will tell you the feat he has achieved Barnabás Vujity-Zsolnay con World of Warcraft, el MMORPG de Blizzard.

From the Guiness World Records website they have reported what this player has achieved. It turns out that Barnabás, a Hungarian player who also works as a cook in Budapest, has been playing non-stop World of Warcraft for 59 hours and 20 minutes, that is, almost two and a half days. This has allowed him to achieve more than one Guinness Record, but in that case he has been awarded said award for achieving the Longest gaming marathon playing an MMORPG.

He himself broke the previous record, which was 23 hours and 31 minutes, but this incredible achievement has also earned him another second Guinness World Record title for the longest video game marathon playing World of Warcraft. Best of all, everything was recorded live and broadcast live on the esport1.hu website. A nice detail that is appreciated is that all the income obtained were destined to charities.

Everything does not stop there, because Barnabás has spoken about what the experience of spending so many hours was like: “I noticed that they were beginning to mild hallucinations”. Most of the time he was clearing dungeons and fulfilling missions, but there came a point where his tasks were finishing. During the first 30 hours he started to get bored with the Blizzard title, and around 45 hours in the aforementioned hallucinations began.

The Hungarian player admits that “it was fun, but also difficult to concentrate while broadcasting live.” What helped him achieve the record was that, with each hour that passed, he accumulated a five-minute break which allowed him to rest, whether eating, going to the bathroom or taking a nap. Like anyone, we would all be tired in that situation, but recognize that he did not use caffeine in any moment.

In fact, he confesses that it was really difficult to cope with the fatigue, and that he fought it with water. Furthermore, it is estimated that they were 15 liters of water those he ingested during the 59 hours and 20 minutes he was playing. “I don’t regret it and I don’t recommend it.”, he explains to everyone. On the other hand, if someone dares to beat the record this mark, he will once again surpass himself and anyone who threatens his Guinness record.

“I love the game and I will break the record again if they beat it. It’s mine for life, I want everyone to know it”, he makes it clear. Since he was a teenager, Barnabás has always been a player closely linked to the World of Warcraft saga, so much so that even as a teenager he used to play about 10 hours during the week, but he would arrive on Saturday and Sunday and spend up to 16 hours on Blizzard’s MMORPG.

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