Obtaining Honey in Enshrouded for Crafting Health Potions


We tell you about all the procedures that are available in Enshrouded, not only so that you can find honey, but also so that you can make it yourself.

In a world as dangerous as the one Enshrouded offers us, it is essential to be able to obtain the most important resources during the first hours of the game to survive.

We not only have to worry about creating a first base, having some basic weapons, and acceptable clothing, but we must also know how to select the food offered by nature.

And one of those essential foods that you have available in Enshrouded from the beginning is honey, which is great for, among other things, making a good set of health potions.

We are going to tell you where to find honey in Enshrouded, what it is used for, and you could even make it yourself.

How to get honey in Enshrouded to make health potions

Honey is essential, not only because it heals our health, but because thanks to it we can create quite interesting health potions.

As you can imagine, honey is collected directly from the hives, hives that you can find on the trees quite regularly.

  • For example, you can go to the area of the first flame altar to find trees with many hives.
  • You can find trees with many hives near the first ancient needle as well.

Do not worry, if you collect the hives they will reappear after a while.

You must also be aware of not cutting down those trees that have hives to avoid losing them. First, collect the hive with the honey and then cut down the tree.

If a hive is high up in a tree, do not despair, you can shoot an arrow, for example, to make it fall to the ground.

Fortunately, we can also make our own honey. To do this, you must first look for the farmer, who is one of the NPCs.

You must complete his missions, and as soon as you complete them, you will unlock the tool that will allow you to obtain your own honey and even wax.

In this way, there are many procedures to obtain honey in Enshrouded, and even by making it yourself.

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