Obtaining Carbon Fiber in Palworld: A Complete Guide


We offer you the two main procedures you have in Palworld to obtain a lot of carbon fiber, and in both you will need to advance a few hours of gameplay.

There are many materials that we can obtain in Palworld, materials that will allow us to improve our base or even obtain better resources, and more.

But of course, to reach those essential materials for Palworld we have to spend a certain amount of gameplay hours, basically to reach a particular technological level.

That’s exactly the case with carbon fiber, one of those essential elements that we are going to need and that is required for a number of elements of our base and also weapons.

We are going to tell you the best procedure to get a lot of carbon fiber for Palworld, and we have a method both at the technological level and at the creature capture level.

How to get carbon fiber in Palworld

Through technological level

The most natural way, although it will cost us a few hours of gameplay, is to get carbon fiber thanks to the technological level.

So the first thing you need to do is reach level 35 in the technology skill tree to have carbon fiber available. In any case, this is a resource that is obtained using the production assembly line, exactly with 2x carbon pieces and 5x charcoal pieces.

On the other hand, to have the production assembly line available, you must have previously reached level 28 and also the following recipe: 50x wood, 100x ingots, 20x nails, and 10x cement.

Carbon fiber has multiple uses and for example we can use it to build the electric oven, very high-level spheres, the assault rifle, or the rocket launcher, among others.

Defeating creatures

You will also require quite a bit of time to have a really powerful team and character, and exactly there are two creatures that can drop carbon fiber.

One of them is Jetragon which is a legendary dragon, located north of the fast travel route point of the eternal summer beach.

The other creature is Shadowbeak which is found at the far west of wildlife sanctuary island number 3.

When you have a powerful team, you can visit these areas, and defeat these Pals that will allow you to gain a lot of experience and also occasionally drop carbon fiber.

Do you want to start playing Palworld? If so, we recommend taking a look at all the Pals in the Paldeck and their affinities.

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