Not a Captain in Skull and Bones: Ubisoft Afraid I’ll Get Bored


The Skull and Bones Open Beta has come to an end, leaving players eagerly anticipating the official launch scheduled for February 13-16, depending on the pre-order edition. Opinions about this new pirate adventure from Ubisoft are varied, with some fans of Assassin’s Creed Black Flag and Sea of Thieves expressing disappointment due to comparisons, while others find Skull and Bones a game with the potential for exploration, ship battles, and long-lasting entertainment.

Despite accumulating 34 hours in the Open Beta, I am looking forward to the final version and providing a comprehensive analysis. However, there is a section of the free trial that has caused some annoyance.

Ubisoft seems to have a persistent problem with its NPCs, which may be a result of an excessive fear of losing attention. This issue was evident during the launch of The Crew Motorfest, where the artificial intelligence guiding players was overly verbose. Although the option to remove all dialogue was eventually added, the problem reemerged in Skull and Bones with an even worse implementation.

The crew in Skull and Bones constantly questions and complains, to the point where the game loses its immersion. Although there is an option to reduce crew volume, it doesn’t completely solve the problem and affects the gaming experience.

Despite the vocal crew adding depth to the game, the constant complaints and questioning of the captain’s decisions are not cohesive or realistic. It’s difficult to believe that pirates would loudly complain to their captain, which breaks the immersion in the game.

Ultimately, the NPCs’ incessant commentary detracts from the game’s immersion, leading to a plea for moments of silence to fully appreciate the game’s environment and gameplay. Hopefully, Ubisoft will address this issue to provide a more complete gaming experience.

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