Nintendo Switch Becomes Best-Selling Console in Japan


The Nintendo team has good reason to uncork several bottles of champagne. Although the community is expectant about the possible announcement of its next generation of consoles, the current Nintendo Switch continues to enjoy enviable commercial performance. In accordance with the company’s latest financial report corresponding to the results of the last quarter of 2023, the hybrid has sold a total of 139.36 million units worldwide. In Japan, specifically, the device has reached 33.34 million, thus becoming the best-selling console in history in the country of the rising sun.

During the last quarter, following the data collected by Pierre485 and X, Nintendo Switch has sold 6.9 million units worldwide. This represents a decrease compared to the results at the end of 2022 (8.22 million units sold), but it is still a milestone considering that the console is approaching its seventh anniversary. If we go case by case, Nintendo clarifies that its standard Nintendo Switch has distributed 2.15 million of units (representing 31% of total sales), the OLED model has done the same with 3.47 million (50%) and Lite has reached 1.28 million (19%).

Its performance in Japan has surpassed that of other popular consoles such as Game Boy or the also popular Nintendo DS. However, the hybrid has yet to sell 15 million more consoles if it wants to surpass Nintendo DS on the global scene. In addition, it is worth remembering that the best-selling gaming device in history is PS2 with a record of 155 million units distributed.

Be that as it may, everything indicates that Nintendo is not doing badly with its current generation of consoles. Focusing on the numbers, the Big N has entered 599 billion yen in net sales during the last quarter (more than 3,756 million euros). Based on net sales so far, the company is on track to finish the third best fiscal year of its last 25 years; All this, of course, if there are no surprises in the current quarter. In terms of net profits, the company has accumulated 408 billion yen (more than 2,500 million euros).

And the thing doesn’t end here. Apparently, Nintendo wants to extend the life of its Nintendo Switch a little more and, in accordance with the forecasts indicated in its financial document, it wants to close next March with 141.12 million units sold worldwide. Taking into account that the hybrid is not stepping on the brakes much in terms of sales, it is very possible that the Japanese team is right with its estimates.

As is the case with the console, Nintendo Switch video games are also selling like hot cakes. The company’s data indicates that, in the last months of 2023, 66.87 million titles for the hybrid; Taking a look at the total numbers, we see that, since its launch in 2017, 1.2 billion games have been sold for the Big N device. In addition, the team can celebrate milestones such as having turned the recent Super Mario Bros. Wonder in the delivery of Super Mario that has sold the fastest. To this, we must also add the good results of Super Mario RPG and the fact that Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom has already reached the 20 million units sold.

As for the best-selling Nintendo Switch games in the last quarter, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe takes the lead with 3.57 million units sold, followed by Animal Crossing: New Horizons with 1.41 million units, and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with 1.23 million units. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Super Mario Odyssey also have impressive sales numbers.

Although it is not a data frequently shared with the public, the team has also included data on its digital sales in the financial report. In summary, the Big N indicates that this format has generated 128.8 billion yen (more than 807 million euros), which represents 44.9% of Nintendo software sales. This also represents a new record for the Japanese brand.

And what awaits us in the coming months? Although rumors about Nintendo Switch 2 continue to be the order of the day, the document from the Japanese company continues to bet on its current hybrid console through launches already announced to the public. In this sense, it is remembered that Nintendo Switch players will soon be able to enjoy titles such as Mario vs. Donkey Kong (February), Princess Peach: Showtime! (March), Luigi’s Mansion 2 HD (summer), Paper Mario: The Millennial Door (2024), and, as icing on the cake, Metroid Prime 4 (whose release date is yet to be announced).

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