Nintendo set to host next Direct on February 15th, as per multiple sources


This week we will have, if nothing goes wrong, a new Nintendo Direct. It is not clear whether it will be a normal Direct or an event focused on third-party games (Partner Direct).

Since 2024 began, we have already witnessed new events from Xbox (Xbox Developer Direct) and Sony (State of Play), so now it’s Nintendo’s turn. In the case of the Japanese company, all eyes are on this week of the month.

It’s not confirmed, but there are several sources that assure that we will have a Nintendo Direct in a few days. Moreover, there is already talk of a very specific date.

If nothing goes wrong, and barring a last-minute surprise, the next Nintendo Direct would take place on Thursday, February 15th. An announcement is expected hours before the event.

At this point, it is still not very clear what we will find. A Nintendo Indie World seems 100% ruled out, which is the chosen format for indie announcements for Switch.

It would be between a regular Nintendo Direct and a Partner Direct, the variant that focuses on third party releases and announcements. We’ll soon find out.

When will the Nintendo Direct be announced?

It seems clear that the Nintendo Direct for this week will take place on Thursday, February 15th. However, many wonder what the chosen format will be, and when it will be officially announced.

According to insider Stealth, it is still unknown whether it will be a traditional Direct, with announcements and releases from Nintendo, or if they will opt for a third-party game event for Switch.

If it were a regular Nintendo Direct, this insider believes that the announcement will be made one day earlier. That is, on Wednesday, February 14th, Valentine’s Day.

Nintendo Direct Leak

However, if it is a Nintendo Partner Direct, Stealth believes it could be published “deferred”, without going through the live broadcast, as happened once before. That is, to opt for a “shadowdrop”.

Either way, many believe it will be the last Nintendo Direct before the official announcement of Nintendo Switch 2. It is not entirely clear, considering the upcoming first party releases from the Big N.

Ayaneo Flip

Anyway, we will have to be attentive next month. On March 3rd, Nintendo Switch will celebrate its 7th anniversary, and we may have an anniversary celebration.

What announcements are you expecting for this week’s Nintendo Direct? Will Metroid Prime 4 return from the vault of memories? Will Team Cherry announce the release date of Hollow Knight: Silksong? We’ll know in a few days.

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