Nintendo rumored to unveil new console in March


According to an insider, Nintendo could unveil its new console before the end of the current fiscal year, although it wouldn’t be released until the end of the year or in 2025.

We are at a key moment for Nintendo’s future. Next month marks 7 years since the launch of the Nintendo Switch, and everything points to an announcement of the new platform from the Big N in the coming months.

Of course, that’s on paper. Nintendo’s president, Shuntaro Furukawa, assures that this 2024 will be completely focused on Switch, at least from a software standpoint.

This practically rules out the launch of the Switch 2 in the coming months. However, it wouldn’t be uncommon for us to have a “first teaser” very soon, and then dive deeper into the end stretch of the year.

Once again, we ask you not to take these rumors as gospel. The information we’re going to tell you comes from Nate the Hate, a well-known insider.

It is based on “listening rumors” that took place in August of last year, at the celebration of Gamescom 2023, which, in principle, had a small preview of Switch 2 behind closed doors.

When will Switch 2 be announced?

The insider Nate the Hate has revealed new details about Nintendo Switch 2, as well as the possible date of its official announcement by Nintendo.

As reported by the user Stealth, this is not confirmed or verified information, but a strong rumor that has been circulating on the internet for some time.

Following this line, Nate the Hate heard that Nintendo Switch 2 would have a first official announcement in March. That is, next month.

Nintendo Switch 2

It would be somewhat poetic, as it would coincide with the seventh anniversary of the launch of the Nintendo Switch. If that is the case, the announcement would fall right at the end of this fiscal year, which ends on March 31.

Nintendo would be “ready and prepared” for an announcement next March, according to the insider in the latest Game & Talk Podcast (via YouTube).

Furthermore, this insider comments that, according to the rumors he has heard, Nintendo Switch 2 will have a new 3D Super Mario game as its flagship launch game.

Ayaneo Flip

And, to top it off, Nate the Hate ensures that Nintendo Switch 2 will be backwards compatible with Nintendo Switch, but it is not clear if through internal emulation software, or natively.

It is very possible that the Nintendo Switch 2 will be introduced later this year. However, at the moment, Nintendo is focused on the upcoming exclusive releases for Switch, which we review in this article.

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