Nintendo President’s Comments on Palworld Revelaed


The president of Nintendo had to respond to several questions in an informative session, and one was directed towards the supposed plagiarism case of Palworld to Pokémon.

The launch of Palworld on Xbox Series X|S and PC has been a huge success. And we are not only talking about players and copies sold (which are already in the millions), but also about the controversy with Pokémon for the alleged plagiarism of the famous franchise of The Pokémon Company and Nintendo.

While Japanese celebrities avoid talking about Palworld to avoid problems with Pokémon, many remain attentive to Nintendo’s movements in this case. Now, the president of the great N has spoken out.

Nintendo alludes to the Palworld case

In a question-and-answer session, Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa had to answer a question related to the Palworld case. While the executive did not mention the name of the game, he did make his opinion clear:

“We will take appropriate measures against those who infringe our intellectual property rights,” said Furukawa. We know that Nintendo and The Pokémon Company are working on the case, although the next moves of the companies have not yet been revealed.

It remains to await news, but it is known that in these cases nothing is done without careful consideration. Pokémon shared this statement a few days ago: We intend to investigate and take appropriate measures to address any acts that infringe Pokémon-related intellectual property rights.

Plagiarism or homage? Many believe that several Pals have been copied from Pokémon. In fact, Palworld dataminers have found the equivalent of Mewtwo hidden in the files, which is not yet available in the game.

If you are curious about all their creatures, be sure to check out the special guide we have prepared with all the Pals of Palworld, the complete Paldeck and affinities of each monster, or how to get more Paldium fragments in Palworld to create more pal spheres.

We also leave you with various tips and tricks to get started, a guide focused on knowing which is the best initial Pal in Palworld and why you should choose it, and how to get weapons in Palworld and which are the best ones at the beginning of the game.

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PalWorld cartel

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