Nicolás Cage sets three conditions to star in Star Trek


Nicolas Cage is Eager to Join Star Trek’s Next Movie

Nicolas Cage is eager to participate in the next Star Trek movie, but there are three things he will consider before saying yes: “I have a lot of love for the franchise.”

Nicolas Cage has a dream to fulfill, which throughout all these years of his career he has not yet been able to achieve: to become part of the Star Fleet in a future installment of Star Trek.

Last week, Nicolas Cage won the award for Best Supporting Actor at the Saturn Awards for his role as Dracula in Renfield (2023) by Chris McKay, which he starred in alongside Nicholas Hoult.

During the gala’s red carpet, the media outlet Screen Rant asked the actor about the possibility of seeing him in a new installment of the saga, as well as the extent of the discussions for him to appear in the fourth installment of Star Trek directed by J.J. Abrams.

Nicolas Cage wants to appear in Star Trek, but has three conditions

“There were a couple of phone calls,” admitted Nicolas Cage, but then added a couple of conditions for joining the saga: “I don’t know, I would have to see a script. It would have to be something that I could really add my touch to, something with some spark. I wouldn’t want to do just anything, because I have a lot of love for the franchise.”

To conclude, the star of Renfield exposed his last requirement: “I want to be in the Enterprise. Ideally, it would be on the Enterprise in some way. I don’t want to be floating in space on a satellite! I want to be on the bridge, but they have to [give me the script].”

The actor will continue to wait for Star Trek 4 to become a reality, and for his demands to be met in order to become part of the franchise.

Beyond Star Trek, Nicolas Cage has three horror genre film premieres in 2024: The Surfer by Lorcan Finnegan, Longlegs by Oz Perkins, and Arcadian by Benjamin Brewer.

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